The Project

Baladi – Rooted Resistance

is a series of stories of Palestinians resisting Israeli colonization and occupation with seeds, wild foraged plants and homegrown vegetables. Palestinians who believe food politics and food sovereignty intersects with the struggle for self-determination and freedom.

The Arab word ‘Baladi’ is translated as ‘local’, but means more than just that. It comes from ‘balad’, ‘the country’, and represents the connection with the land where the food was grown.

The resistance is rooted because, for Palestinians, simply being there, being rooted to their own land, is already an act of resistance.

Some of the stories from the West Bank that we will highlight in this project include:

  • A seeds library helping farmers preserve biodiversity and regain their autonomy
  • A farmer struggling to practice permaculture in an Israeli-controlled area where he can’t afford to buy water
  • A woman growing vegetables on her rooftop in a crowded refugee camp, to increase food security and serve fresh food to her family

Baladi – Rooted Resistance is an ongoing project by writer and vegan chef Sandra Guimarães and photojournalists Anne Paq, Craig Redmond and Ahmad Al-Bazz.

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